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Welcome to the TexaSOT blog

The mission here is simple, to share knowledge, impart wisdom from our personal learnings, and  learn from the collective community along the way.  


We also intend to provide reviews and insights on new products, shine a light on the BS that exists in the internet gun community, and apply logic to reality.

In general we're going say some jacked up stuff in a very sarcastic way. It'll be a good time!

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Our freedom was founded by regular people. During a time when there was no commissioned military, these farmers and trade workers left their homes and families bearing arms, and did extraordinary things defeating the greatest military force of their time. Their undying devotion to freedom and relentless refusal to bow to tyranny is the essence of patriotism as we know it.

The right to bear arms and the knowledge to use them is the only reason we have the freedoms we enjoy today. This is the importance of remembering our history:

The importance of being relentless, being devoted to freedom...

-being a regular patriot.

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